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Philip Stinard

USDA/ARS/MWA - Soybean/Maize Germplasm, Pathology & Genetics Research Unit
Maize Genetics Cooperation - Stock Center
S-123 Turner Hall, 1102 S. Goodwin Ave., Urbana, IL 61801, USA
(217) 333-6631 [voice], (217) 333-6064 [fax], [e-mail]

Phil StinardI am Curator of the Maize Genetics Cooperation - Stock Center, the world's collection of maize genetic and cytological mutants. My duties include collecting, documenting, and propagating the thousands of mutants that have been discovered by corn geneticists, breeders, and farmers over the years. In addition, I have made my own contributions to the field of corn genetics by discovering and characterizing new mutants. This research was started in the laboratory of Dr. Donald S. Robertson at Iowa State University in 1982 and continued in the laboratory of Dr. Patrick Schnable at Iowa State beginning in 1991. I joined the Maize Genetics Cooperation - Stock Center in 1993, and am continuing my research in starch biosynthetic mutants (sugary3 and amylose extender1), aleurone color mutants (dilute aleurone1, brown aleurone1, and John Deere Corn), and various other seedling, kernel, and mature plant mutants. Further information and publications can be found here.