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      We are pleased to report that Jeff Gustin joined us in August and is serving as our new curator. While we had been functioning at a reduced level until Jeff arrived, between being short-staffed and the COVID-19 situation, we have kept up with requests (except during the COVID-19 lockdown from April to August due to halted mail pickup service). We again had a successful, although considerably smaller, summer nursery this year. We expect to resume our full sized nursery next summer. We thank our maize colleagues at the University of Illinois, who helped us while we were short-staffed.

      2,442 seed samples have been supplied in response to 247 requests for 2020. These include 128 requests received from 21 foreign countries. Our request numbers were down significantly this year, mostly due to the COVID-19 situation. Interest in reverse genetics tools, such as the UniformMu sequence indexed stocks, remains high and steady. Presently, requests for UniformMu stocks represent approximately 58% of our total requests. Other popular stock requests include RILs and other mapping populations, Ac/Ds sequence indexed stocks, haploid-inducing lines, male sterile cytoplasms, Fast-flowering mini-maize, kernel starch quality traits, plant architecture traits, rust tolerant differentials, and Maize Inflorescence Project EMS lines.

      Approximately 2.0 acres of nursery were grown this summer at the Crop Sciences Research & Education Center located at the University of Illinois. Cool wet, spring weather caused us to delay planting both of our crossing nurseries. Warm dry weather with timely rain during the remainder of the growing season allowed for good germination in our crossing nurseries, as well as a normal pollination season. No supplemental irrigation was needed. We managed to avoid damage from the derecho (the brunt of which went North of us) and a hailstorm that severely damaged the nurseries of colleagues less than a mile from us. There were sufficient stands for a good increase in almost all instances. Harvest was slightly later than normal.

      Special plantings were made for the following stocks:

1. One donated stock from the collection of Ginny Walbot (a male sterile mutant, ocl4-mtm99-66). This stock will be grown one more generation to ensure that we have a distributable amount of seeds.

2. Through an allele test, we were able to confirm a new allele of an1 (116GB an1-W23).

3. Due to the reduced staffing, maintenance of stocks outside the main collection was put on hold. We expect to resume maintenance of all stocks next summer.

4. Critical plantings of a limited number of stocks were made in our greenhouse facilities.>

      New Stock Listings:

1. 1. We recently received 32 new stocks from Alice Barkin's Photosynthetic Mutant Library. For most of these, a sufficent supply of seeds was donated so that they could be listed as 'available' immediately.

2. T2. We also received a stock carrying the mutant dcl5-mu03 from Blake Meyer's lab.>

      Our IT Specialist's time has continued to be diverted toward Urbana location issues (especially with helping people tele-work from home this year), leaving little time for COOP-specific needs..


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