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Jeff Gustin

USDA/ARS/MWA - Soybean/Maize Germplasm, Pathology & Genetics Research Unit
Maize Genetics Cooperation - Stock Center
S-123 Turner Hall, 1102 S. Goodwin Ave., Urbana, IL 61801, USA
(217) 333-6631 [voice], (217) 333-6064 [fax], [e-mail]

Jeff Gustin Background:
BA Pennsylvania State University at Erie (The Behrend College) 2001
Ph.D. Purdue University 2008
Postdoc and Research Scientist at the University of Florida 2008-2020

As Curator of the Maize Genetics Cooperation - Stock Center, my role is to collect novel genetic stocks for inclusion into the Center's collection and to propagate the large and diverse collection for maintenance and distribution to Maize Genetics community. The vast array of genetic stocks is the living inheritance from generations of maize geneticists and I'm honored to be entrusted with their care.

My background and interests loosely align around investigation of the genetic mechanisms that govern maize kernel development and biochemical composition. I am also interested in developing tools for efficient capture of kernel phenotypes. Machine vision tools such as cameras, flat-bed scanners and near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) are excellent tools for capturing external and internal kernel traits in a rapid and non-destructive manner. I am working to incorporate imaging tools into the Center's operations to enrich stock information beyond textual descriptions.

Stock center employees have a long history of not only maintaining stocks, but also generating useful and interesting material for general study and use. In this tradition, I am developing new haploid inducing maize lines for use in doubled haploid breeding including high oil haploid induction lines. High oil maize has a long history at the University of Illinois, and I look forward to continuing the tradition by developing materials that will be of value to maize genetics community.

Feel free to contact me with your stock requests or questions. Please also consider contributing your genetic stocks to the collection for study by future generations of maize geneticists.


Further information and publications can be found here.